Volatilities and components of pumping blood

Your veins. Anthropology. That kind of blood pumping.

This is an example to emphasize the difference between volatilities and components when designing by #Volatility decomposition.


  • Rate (frequency of blood pumped)

  • Reactive to amount of oxygen consumed

    • Low rate when sleeping
    • High rate when running
  • Pressure of blood

  • Tempature of body

  • Tempature

    • …of body
    • …of external, ex cold/hot weather


  • Heart.

The heart is the sole component for dealing with the pumping of blood, yet it deals with the above volatilities. In technical terms, it would be an engine.

The volatilities all form a single area of change. There’s only one reason to change the heart, and that would be if you needed to change the way blood is pumped.


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