Juval Löwy

System architect, and a really good one at that.

Known for

  • #Righting software”, name on his courses, masters, workshops, and more. All orienting around teaching out the proper way to design system, as in his words “the entire software world is broken”, because everyone is doing it wrong.

  • Nominated “Software legend” by Microsoft, a title only 6 people has received.

  • Played a big role in designing and reviewing C# and WCF.

  • Brought .NET into microservices via WCF.

  • Founder of IDesign.

Famous quotes

Allure of the free lunch#” (J. Löwy, 2021)

“Everyone is doing software wrong, until they have met me” (J. Löwy, 2021)


  • J. Löwy (January 27, 2021), “Righting Software - System Design” [Workshop], NDC London 2021.