Never change a plugs amperage

If you find yourself needing a higher wattage out from an outlet, you have two options:

1. Hire an electrician

Hire/call an electrician to come and help you with inspecting the powerlines from your plug cabinet and the destination outlets, and then noting down on the powerline chart of the change.

After their approval, you’re granted to use the new upper amperage limit.

2. Use a different outlet

If the outlet you want to use does not have enough capacity, and it’s only using 6A while you have plenty of 10A plugs just laying there, it’s still a heavy NO! Do never just change the amperage of a plug.

A plugs amperage is not chosen by only how much it will be used for, but also on how capable the powerline cables all the way to your outlets are. If you just willnilly change the amperage of your installed plugs, potentional (and probable) outcomes are: burning your cables, setting some wallpaper on fire, burning your house down, killing your beloved plant that you promised to take care of, and even letting your mom down. :)


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