Electrician vs Electrical engineer

A person can be neither, either, or both. All depending on what they are currently working on, but more importantly: How they approach it.

This applies to other engineering works as well, such as the difference between a software developer and a software engineer.


An electrician commonly has the knowledge to:

  • Build electric components
  • Repair them
  • Disassemble
  • Reassemble
  • Use existing parts to construct new ones

An electrician commonly works with electricity, such as helping you out at home as you should Never change a plugs amperage# yourself.

Electric engineer

An electrical engineer commonly has the knowledge to:

  • Design new equipment
  • Plan electrical projects
  • Invent new electronics by using the existing frameworks

They overlap

As you might realize, these two “roles” overlap quite a bit. They have their distinct sets of features, but you can easily picture yourself the same person switching between being an electrician and being an electrical engineer.

Both roles:

  • Solve problems, from complex to mundane.
  • Develop solutions, ready to ship products.

It is the knowledge and procedures that differ an electrician from an electrical engineer. Though even that line is fuzzy.