Electricity is extreamly volatile

Implementing electricity as a feature to your system and considering the volatilities of it by desigining by #Volatility decomposition, then you’ll quickly notice that electricity is extreamly volatile.

Volatilities of electricity

These are things that can change, and probably will change. You as a designer need to account for these.

You’ll have to pick your fights. What range of options do you want to support per volatility?

  • Power source

    • Wind mill
    • Generator
    • Solar panel
    • Geothermal
  • Voltage

    • \(230V\) (as per european customs)
    • \(120V\) (as per american customs)
  • Frequency

    • 50 Hz (as per european customs)
    • 60 Hz (as per american customs)

Features of electricity

  • Connecting power plug and equipment is powered.
  • Electricute some organism.
  • Ignite gas.