Advanced words from Elantris

This page is created is true subjective spirit. These are words I stumbled upon while reading Elantris by Sanderson, B.1, that I’ve either seen used here and there but never looked up their definition, or words that are totally new to me. Dislike me all you want for not knowing some of these words if you consider them “basic AF”, but you should know better than to punch downwards ;)

I began this practice of writing these down since page 44. Current highest page is 75.

AdolescensePhase of growing up (usually referring to teenage years)Uppväxt, ungdom47
AnointedForm of religious dubbingSmord [med olja] i religionsk sed, form av dubbning57
ApostateSomeone who has kept themselves away from their [main] religionNågon som unanhålligt sig från sin religion. Avfälling54
ApprehensiveFeeling of guilt or at uneaseÄngslig48
ArdorString will, enthusiasm, fanaticGlöd, iver (fanatiskt)56
AsphyxiatedTo suffocate, to out of oxygenBli kvävd74
AwningSmall cloth overhang that keeps away sun and rain, usually found outside cafésMarkis65
BachelorUnmarried, never been married, does not fancy getting married“Dejtare”, ogift74
BaronLower/lowest nobel rankFriherre, lägre rank av adel67
BillowingBending natuarally by air, such as clouds or heavy flagsBöljande [av luft]51
BlatherTalk without sensible goal. A monologue you cannot cite as you were not listening.Pladdra51
BlosphemerPerson who commits blasphemiesPerson som hädar72
ChortleHappy and soundly laughterSkrockande skratt, ljudfullt glatt skratt74
ComplancencyFeeling comtentment/satisfied of yourself, braggingSjälvbelåtenhet, skrytsam53
ContentmentFeelinging of satisfaction, happinessBelåtenhet53
Courtier(Court-ier) Person who visits courts. Finer class.Hovman73
CurstyA polite womans bow where you kneel while you hold up your dress, or gesture as if you had one.Buga44
DecorumFormal behavior, high classArtighet, väl betedd44
DesensitizedDegraded, [emotions/feelings] watered outMildas ner, göras okänslig67
DiligentProfessionalism, taking a job/task very seriously, no room for even slight shenaginansSamvetsgrannhet, flitig, ta arbetet mycket seriöst58
DiscrepancySomething abnormal, unplannedAvvikelse72
DistraughtLost in thoughts due disturbing distractions.Upphörd, distraherad46
DoctrinTeachings, knowledge base (often for religion/politics)Läran (oftast religion/politik)56
DrivelTask nonsenseSkitsnack73
ErosionFalling apart (as mountains due to rain, or as flesh due to decay)Progressivt falla isär, töa bort64
ExtravagantObject of high value (with resources/money spent without limits)Värdefullt, tycks köpts utan prisgräns74
FervorStrong will, enthusiasm, love for their craftGlöd, iver (hängivet)55
FlagrancyRudeness/uncaringly/shameless [behavior]Fräckhet/ohygglighet/skamlöshet [betéende]55
FlittedSkip onwards [from subject to subject, from place to place]Skutta vidare, swisha förbi45
ForestallPrevent somethingFörebygga, hindra73
FratenizeUnallowed/Tabu building of friendshipOtillåten bildning av vänskap. Borderskap52
HandkerchiefSmall cloth used to wipe your noseNäsduk51
HarkenedCarefully listening, full attentionLyssna uppmärksamt57
Heathens[Category of people] Of other (less known) religion[Folkgrupp] Av annan (mindre känd) religion52
HeedMake note of, put attention toUppmärksamma58
HeresyBelif or culture that goes against the religion[Åsikt, kultur, betéende] går emot religionen50
Horrid(Variant of horrible) Something distugstingly badHämsk45
HuddleCrawl up into a small ball, organize into a small pileKura ihop53
LankyLong and thin. (Usually as degrading comment on one humans body)Gänglig, lång & smal47
Laxness[Negatively/Too] Relaxed. To a degree of clumpsy and uncaringNonchalant56
Ledger(Usually financial-related) Collection [of books or recipts]“Kvittobok”, financiell samling71
Legible(Handwritten) readable [text](Handskriven) läsbar [text]69
LenientMild, gentle, no strong actions of revenge or punishmentMild, skonsam54
LoathingDisdain, contempt, hatredFöraktelse, avsky55
MeanderingTraversing without a straight directions. Rivers meander when they curve. A [human] speaker meanders when they talk without a goal.“Glida runt utan mål”45
Milled around[Collection of people] Spread around, interacting with no particular order.[Folkmassa] Sprids runt51
MilledAction of being milled down [to particles]Malen [till partiklar]51
MiserlyKeeping things to yourself (in a rude fashion), not wastefulGirig, sparsam70
MonasteryChurch of monksKloster49
MoroseDark mood, bad feelingDyster, dåligt humör75
Omened(Variant of omen) An event that is interpreted as a prophesy/prognosis that something good or bad will be of outcome. Foreshadowing event.Varsla (varsel) från en händelse.46
OrthodoxNormal [opinions/traditions] (usually regarding religion or philosophy)Normal [åsikt/tradition/vana] (vanligtvis om religion eller filosofi)72
PenitentFeeling full of regretÅngerfull53
PivotalOf great importance. Has great impact.Viktigt. Med stort inflytande.52
PleasantriesPleasant actions, friendly/cheerful commentsNöjessamma utallanden51
PrattleTask without thinking about consequenceTjatter, “inkonsekvent prat”71
ProminentFamous, important, idolKänd, viktig, framträdande72
PudgyFat, thick, big belly. (Usually a degrading comment on one humans body)Knubbig51
QuaverShaky [voice]Darra [-nde röst]73
RascalSomeone who pulls pranksRackare, busare74
RaspedTo rasp [with a file]; Speak with a grainy voiceRaspa [med en fil]; Tal med raspig röst74
Reacquaint(Re-acquaint) Return to a former known knowledge/possession/stateÅterkomma till tidigare kännedom/ägodel/tillvaro53
RegalNobel (good) behavior, character trait of a monarchKungligt betéende74
RendingBreaking into smaller pieces, shreddingBrytning [isär]58
ResignationGetting fired [from a job]; Acceptance of something unwantedAvsked; Acceptans av något oönskvärt72
ScowlFace expression where the forehead is contracted and reveals wrinkles(Grimas) Rynkad panna70
Shuddered[Body] shaking (due to unpleasant feeling)Skaka [av negativ känsla/tankar]73
SovereignSupreme/very good [monarch]Suverän [monark]72
SpurnedRejected with disdain/contemptAvvisad/nekad med förakt55
SquabbelArgue/fight over something minorBråk/gräl över småsak70
StalwartLoyalLojal, trogen58
SubservientRegard yourself as less than someone/something. Fall under their command.Betrakta sig sämre än någon annan/något annat. Kasta sig under någon deras befäl. Underdånlig52
SubsidedSank in level (a rock can subside in water / happiness can subside after hearing bad news)Sjönk [i nivå]49
TapestryWall decorations, usually made by clothTapet, “tyg tavla”51
TempestStorm of magnitude, unpleasant weatherStorm, oväder64
TentativelyUncertain future plan.Prelininärt44
ToiledWork long and hardJobba länge och hårt73
TorrentSteady flow/streamFors46
UnseemlyUnfitting [of actions taken / to be taken]Opassande [agerat]49
Veritable(Exaggeration word) Real, authentic(Förstärkningsord) Äkta, authentisk, veritabel55
VoraciouslyExtreme hunger, will to obtain/devourGlupskt, omättligt54
WheezeA quiet whissling-esque/windy sound [when speaking]Väsande [röst]74
ZealotFanatic characterFanatiker55
  1. Sanderson, B. (2016). Elantris (Revised definitive tenth anniversary edition). Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC 2005.

  2. My native tongue is Swedish, and so it helps me remarkably well to force myself to define them in two languages as it leads me to much better understand their meanings.

  3. The “Page” column refers to the page where I first found the word. It does not strictly mean that is the words first appearance, nor that the word only appears on said page.